Noindex WordPress Category And Tags

When I posted about precisely how to recover from Google panda, I mentioned you need to let your quality pages be listed in Google while others as “noindex”, but “dofollow”.

This relates to your tags, categories, author pages, and monthly archive pages.

Two major good reasons to noindex WordPress categories and tags:

  • Avoid post duplication.
  • Only quality pages end up part of Google Search.

The second reason is essential after the Google Panda algorithm became live because Google mentioned that Google Panda now concentrates on quality content.

Obviously, your tags and categories pages can’t be regarded “quality pages” for search engines like yahoo. They are ideal for user-navigation, nevertheless they don’t add any value to search engines like yahoo.

Many WordPress users have no idea how they can keep WordPress blog tags and categories as “noindex”.

Here are several ways to add the “noindex” attribute for that category and tag pages.

Ways To Noindex WordPress Categories and Tags:

  • Noindex your tags and categories

This part is subjective because it depends on what SEO plugin you utilize. If you utilize SEO plugins like SEO by Yoast or All in one SEO, stick to the links I’ve the following, where I explain the ultimate way to “noindex” tags, categories, and author archive pages.

If you utilize your theme’s SEO option, you need to make use of the “noindex” option while you’re watching tags and categories archive.

Do reveal if you’re keeping your WordPress tags and categories as “noindex” or “doindex”. Which methods are you currently using to make certain that they’re “noindex”?

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