Meta Robots plugin For Blog Indexing

Onsite SEO is just about the important aspects of search engine marketing, and before SEO by Yoast, meta robots was once a great plugin. In case discover using SEO by Yoast, and searching for a WordPress plugin, which configures your blog post’s Noindex, Meta Robots WordPress plugin is the greatest plugin.

Meta Robots is usually a powerful WordPress SEO plugin which supports you to optimize your WordPress blog for search results. Meta robots plugins feature a setting panel, in which you can make changes like putting no index with no follow attributes to your blog.

How to make use of Robots Meta WordPress Plugin?

Note: If you are using WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, this functionality has already been there. You can read this configuration guide for SEO by Yoast plugin.

For any newbie blogger, it could be hard to understand which part they should be Noindex and which part they must Index. By default, the many part of your site is indexed and crawled by Google. In simple word, here’s difference that you need to understand:

  1. Noindex: Search engine bots will never index the page
  2. Nofollow: Search engine bots won’t follow the hyperlink
  3. Index: Search engine bots will index the page
  4. Follow/Dofollow: Bots will keep to the link, and link juice are going to be passed compared to that external page.

Pages for example category, tags, author, page1/page2, WP-admin doesn’t add any value to the internet search engine. They are for better consumer experience. It’s a smart idea to keep these pages Noindex from Google. Here are the optimum settings:

Put check box within the following options: You need to expand every one of the options; RSS feeds, Prevent indexing, Permalink Settings, Internal Nofollow settings.

Noindex the comment RSS feeds
This site results page
The login and register pages
Author Archive
Date-based archive
Category Archive
Tag Archive
Redirect Attachment URL’s to Parent post URL
Nofollow outbound links for the homepage
Nofollow login and registration link
Nofollow comment links

Moreover, by making use of Meta Robots plugin, you may also put Noindex, No follow attributes in a blog post. When we write blogs, several of the posts doesn’t add any value to internet search engine. Making such post Noindex is quite useful, if you want each of the links from that post to be followed.

Meta robots plugin also provides you a possibility by which you possibly can make changes in your individual blog articles.

By default index, follow choices are selected, you’ll be able to change the option as required. For an example, for anyone who is writing any affiliate post, you may decide Google to index the post, but don’t want Google to adhere to the link juice on your affiliate link. In such case, it is possible to select the option no 2 index, no follow.

Along by using it, under settings >Robots meta, there are lots of options that you can select to improve your WordPress SEO. From the options page, also you can edit your WordPress .htaccess file along with your robots.txt file.

Are you using Meta Robots plugin on your blog post? Do contact us what do you think concerning this plugin and are you finding it useful.

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