Delete All WordPress Comments And Posts

There are times when we’re testing WordPress around the local environment; we will need to delete all comments and posts in WordPress. Manually deleting all content wouldn’t be that easy, and it’s better whenever we use some SQL command or any plugin to delete all posts in WordPress. Before, we proceed here are some more WordPress tips, you would prefer to read:

Bulk Delete plugin, that’s available for the official WordPress Repo permits you to delete multiple sorts of WordPress Content, posts, pages, comments, categories, attachments, users, etc. at one time. This plugin provides the free version containing about 50,000+ active installs, rendering it the most popular plugin for this function and this has a pro addon using which we can easily do more along with it.

Here is really a quick take a look at the features, how this plugin will help us to delete content within a custom way.

We can delete posts by:

custom taxonomy
custom post type
custom field
duplicate title

And far more customizations is there in this plugin to delete posts and then any other sort of content. If you intend to know all of the options in detail before installing, click this link to go to its official page within the WordPress Repo.

How to try and do Deletion of Content?

In just 2 steps you’ll be able to delete whatever style of content you need to delete from a WordPress Blog. Even there is a options of either moving the deleted content to Trash folder for future references as well as to permanently delete it.

Just Click on Bulk Delete menu inside the WordPress Dashboard’s left pane and click around the required action love to delete all posts, opt for the first listed option.

After that, you need to configure a number of options according to your need then after you must just click about the Bulk Delete Button.

That’s how you may easily delete all of your current WordPress Content instantly in customized way. If you have any question regarding this treatment, comment below or reference the Plugin’s official FAQ Page.

Do contact us, which method you might be using to delete posts, comments, tags, categories at one go? Or you simply reinstall WordPress?

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